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NEW Vox amPlug Twin Amp Headphone Guitar Plug In Practice Amplifier AMPLUG-TW

NEW Vox amPlug Twin Amp Headphone Guitar Plug In Practice Amplifier AMPLUG-TW

Our Price: £34.00
The headphone guitar amp that lets you enjoy serious guitar sound, fast. Jamming late at night? Don’t want to wake the neighbors? The amPlug Series of palm-sized headphone guitar amps make it easy to enjoy great guitar sounds at home, in your room, or anywhere.

Simply plug the amPlug directly into any guitar, attach a pair of headphones, and you’re ready! Use the AUX input jack to plug any CD/MP3 player right into the amPlug and jam along. Connect the optional amPlug Cabinet (sold separately) to create a miniature amp stack to share the sound with friends.

The amPlug Twin rolls back the years to capture the sound of the legendary clean American dual speaker combo tube amp. Noted for its sparkling and sustained clean sound, this amp has been is widely used in many genres – rock, blues, jazz, country, and more. Raising the gain provides a powerful American tube overdrive sound. A stereo chorus effect is built into the amPlug Twin, adding natural spaciousness and depth to the sound. As you play these sounds, you're sure to forget the passage of time, and lose yourself in the tones loved by musicians in styles such as jazz, country, and blues.

•Plugs directly into your guitar/ bass - a great-sounding headphone guitar amp that gives you serious sound fast.
•Now available in nine styles: Lead, Bass, VOX AC30, Classic Rock, Metal, Acoustic, Night Train, Twin and Joe Satriani Signature.
•AUX in jack lets you jam along with your CD/MP3 player.
•100% analog circuit faithfully simulates the response of the original amps.
•amPlug Twin Recreates the sound of the classic American clean 2 x 12" combo amp, plus a chorus effect.
•Up to 15 hours of battery life with two Alkaline AAA batteries.
•Quick and easy setup! Just connect amPlug to your guitar and enjoy serious sound.


Brand: VOX
Condition: New
Product Code: AMPLUGTW
EAN: 4959112088023

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