Adastra H25 Portable Battery + Mains PA System USB + Wireless Headset Microphone

By Adastra 952.410
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The H25 is a fully integrated PA unit in an ergonomic ABS handheld housing. Power can be supplied from mains or the internal rechargeable battery to deliver up to 25W output. Hands-free vocal address is made easy and convenient with the supplied VHF wireless neckband system and an integral USB media player. Applications include demonstrations, speech reinforcement in educational scenarios and mobile public address.


Mains or battery operation
Internal USB audio player
Built-in VHF neckband microphone system
Ergonomic, compact design


Power supply : main unit: 230Vac, 50Hz or internal rechargeable battery
Power supply : VHF beltpack: 9Vdc PP3 battery
Output power : max.: 25W
Battery life (hours) : voice: 7 hours
Battery life (hours) : signal: 2 hours
Frequency response: 100Hz - 12kHz
VHF operating distance: 35.0m
S/N ratio: >60dB
Carrier frequency: 174.1MHz
VHF tuning stability: 0.005% quartz crystal locked
Dimensions : VHF beltpack: 205 x 68 x 25mm (ex. antenna)
Weight : VHF beltpack: 76g (no battery)
Dimensions : main unit: 155 x 183 x 285mm
Weight : main unit: 2.74kg
SPL max.: 80dB

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