2 x Microphone Stand Desk Top Conferencing + Kick Drum + Instruments + Much More

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2 x Microphone Stands for Desk Top Conferencing

+ Kick Drum + Guitar + Instruments + More!

Ideal for desk top use in Studios + Radio Shows + Much More!

Use for live events to Mic up Kick Drum + Guitar + Combos

A lightweight and collapsible tripod microphone stand with adjustable height. Perfect for desktop use in studios or at conferences.

Features: (Each Stand)

Anti-slip rubber feet for extra stability
Foldable tripod legs for easy storage
Adjustable height

Specifications: (Each Stand)

Thread: 5/8"
Height adjustment: 139 - 181mm
Dimensions (assembled): 163 x 163 x 181mm
Weight: 240g

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